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Let's tell the amazing story of YOU!

Here's what's next...

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Great planning and preparation is one reason your senior portrait session is going to be awesome! We start with a free consultation in the studio so you can see how things work and make sure you get the right experience. We'll get to know you, answer all your questions and make a personalized plan for your session so you're confident with what to wear, how to prepare and ready for your session and beyond! We'll help you get ready to show off your portraits at home and beyond too!



Your session isn't only the photos hanging on the's a great experience -- you're going to have fun. You'll get casual posing help and encouragement the whole way through so you're comfortable, relaxed and ready to show the best YOU in your portraits. Our job is to make this fun and relaxed. Even if you don't love being in front of the camera, trust us, a Skrastins portrait session is an experience you're going to enjoy! Oh, and mom -- make sure you come to the session too!

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Finally, it's time to show off your portraits! You'll return to the studio to see your portraits, pick out that yearbook portrait and then, the fun part -- your own photo displays. Choose from wall displays, albums and gift prints to create your own package and get a fun personal photo app on your phone to show them off right away! We're with you all the way -- from your planning session to selecting and displaying your portraits, we've got your back. 

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