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Palmer Divide Soccer 

fall 2022 team photos

At Skrastins Photography studio - 259 Beacon Lite Road #105, Monument, CO

Friday, September 30, 2022

Sign up for your individual time slot here. SIGN UP ONCE FOR EACH PLAYER  (including siblings, friends, neighbors).


There will not be make-ups AFTER picture day -- see below for scheduling questions....see you soon!

You can be ready to see your photographs by texting 90738 and put SKRA616 in the message.

Your photos will be ready to see in about a week!


What does it cost? 

There is no ‘session fee’ or cost to have your portrait made — we want to have complete team photos! You may optionally purchase your own player and team photos afterward. Text 90738 and put SKRA616 in the message. You’ll be able to see item and package prices and we’ll let you know when photos are ready!

You can even pre-purchase a credit to receive a coupon for free shipping (optional, offer expires after picture day)

How long will it take?

Just a minute — come dressed and ready!

What should I wear?

Come dressed out as if for a game - except for cleats. Wear your green home jersey, black shorts and black socks. Coaches, wear your Palmer Divide shirt.

Does my whole team need to come at the same time? 

It’s a great idea to get your team/friends/neighbors to come around the same time. We will use everyone’s individual photo to make team photos, so if everyone can’t come at the same time we’ll still get you in. Just make sure everyone comes out!

Parents of multiple players - you can bring all your kids at the same time (just be sure to reserve one time slot for each player please).

Can I get a photo with my brother/sister/friend?

Yes! Just sign up for a time slot for each player and we can make an extra photo of you together at your time.

I’m quarantined/injured/out of town

Contact us BEFORE picture day and we'll do everything we can to get you in.

Even with a boot/crutches/etc. we can put you into the team photo.
We will not have makeups AFTER picture day.
We have a generous selection of time slots open. If you absolutely cannot make it, let us know and we’ll try to fit you in elsewhere although we can’t guarantee you’ll be in the team photo.

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