CSCS yearbook portrait day

Class of 2020

A CSCS tradition

What it is…

CSCS has a tradition of making special yearbook portraits for the senior class and using the same studio to photograph everyone. These portraits are a step above the typical school pictures and are used for the color senior section in the yearbook plus the big class composite portrait you'll find in the hallway.

Skrastins Photography will help make yearbook portrait day an easy process and a great time! 
This way your student gets a chance to prepare in the mirror at our studio, work with a great photographer and pick from several images to get their best look! 

There are two dates you can have your CSCS yearbook portrait made:

Tuesday, July 16th
Wednesday, August 7th

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What it isn't...

This is NOT your ’senior portrait — this is just a quick photograph for the yearbook - seniors get this upgraded version to set them apart from the underclass portraits and make the class composite in the hallway.

You still can have your own personalized senior portrait session with any studio of your choosing (including Skrastins Photography….folks think we’re pretty good at it!). You may use those other senior portraits for a ‘parent blessing’ page in the yearbook, the senior slide show, etc.

You’re not under any obligation to purchase portraits from Skrastins Photography — getting the yearbook portrait completed is the only CSCS requirement. 

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ideas for what to wear

The whole process takes about 10 minutes — you’ll come to our easy-to-access studio in Monument (we’ll send directions when you sign up for your session), check your look in the mirror and then we’ll help you with a couple poses to make your best look.

You’ll immediately review your portraits on the big screen (so make sure mom and/or dad comes to see it and help pick it out!) and pick out the best one for the yearbook and you’re finished!

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Yes, it’s ok for students to coordinate with a friend to show up at adjacent appointment times!

The cost for your portrait session is only $15 and this helps to partially defray the costs of portrait day and the creation of the big class composite at the end of the year in the hallway.

Want to purchase your own copy? You will be able to purchase these portraits for yourself after yearbook portrait day — watch your email afterward for details.

See the CSCS dress code policy….you MUST adhere to CSCS dress code for yearbook portrait. If the school sees your outfit is not in dress code you’ll have to come back to be photographed again and pay for a second appointment. Remember — these aren’t your senior portraits….later, when you get your personalized senior portraits done you’ll have flexibility to wear whatever you want!

Skrastins studio is about 15 minutes north of CSCS, off exit 161 in Monument. We’ll send directions when you sign up for your appointment time.
The portraits are made indoors with air conditioned comfort so your appointment is a go, rain or shine!

Check the appointment scheduler for all the time options — the studio is open for some very generous time ranges…there’s a good chance you can find an opening. Be sure to check both dates see all the available openings.

If you still cannot make the available times, contact us at 719 357 9791 and we will offer to schedule a private yearbook portrait appointment for you at a cost of $45.

Reply to this email or call the studio (719) 357-9791. See you soon!

-Tim & DeAnna Skrastins (CSCS parents)

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Ok…ready for REAL senior portraits now?

Now that yearbook portraits are out of the way…

We believe that senior portraits should be an amazing experience that uniquely tells the story of YOU. Our sessions are fun, laid back, creative and one of the highlights of senior year. We'd love to give you a free consultation and get to know each other so we can start telling your story...

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